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Modulo Beton Brochure

The pre-cast, modular design of Modulo Beton’s patented units maximises both flexibility of site configuration and speed of construction. Donwload the brochure below to learn more.

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MVO article Beverwijk

Think of the Modulo-Beton system as a 3d jigsaw puzzle of concrete sections that slot together to form a range of potential recycling/civic amenity site solutions. Want to read more? Download the article below.

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MVO article Austria

Austria is a beautiful country with high values of environmental awareness and protection. The population of 8,7 million enjoy a high standard of living. Want to learn more?

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MVO article Cardiff

The new Modulo-Beton installation at Lamby Way, Cardiff is an excellent example of how this versatile modular concrete decking system can be adapted to suit any HWRC site. Malcolm Bates went to have a look…

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