Smart recycling & reuse solutions

Household waste recycling centers 

Convenience & safety

Using a split-level Modulo platform is convenient and safe for staff and residents. Enhanced safety by separation of residential and heavy traffic

Quick construction

Modulo solutions are manufactured off site and consequently shipped to the site. Installation in 1-2 weeks.

Effective 200% use of space

Extra space under deck for re-use, shop, offices, storage, hazardous waste, repair and other activities

No subsurface foundation

No subsurface foundation is needed. Just a tarmac layer is sufficient.

No risk of budget overrun

Modulo guarantees a clear and fixed price


Modulo’s solutions allow to adapt to changing requirements and needs

Our solution: Modulo HWRC


Higher recycling rate

The convenience and better overview lead to higher recylcing rates


50 years design lifetime

Guarantee modulo blocks 10 years


Proven and patented

Modulo is a proven and patented system


Approved by UK engineer

Meets every British and EU standard and regulation

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Modulo project examples

17 skips, Bristol, UK

Construction of a Modulo HWRC with a  re-use shop underneath the platform. Read more about this brand new project (januay 30, 2020) on the Bristol page.

10 skips, London, UK

Southwark wanted to construct a split-level platform inside a building, in order to minimize the impact of noise and odour. We took on the challenge with great success.

20 skips, Cardiff, UK

The City and Council of Cardiff wanted a new split-level HWRC for the location Lamby Way. You can read everything about the challenges and how we dealt with them on the project page.

Construction with a conscience

Modulo developed a system for modular household waste recycling centers based on prefab concrete elements. Swift-construction by placement of Modulo Blocks according to a customer-specific design. Blocks can be produced in different dimensions and forms (square, rectangle, triangle).

Modulo is continuously improving and innovating the system (e.g. low carbon emission concrete, glass blocks for entry of daylight, hazardous waste solutions and improved use of the space underneath the blocks (re-use shops, storage, offices, toilets etc).

Modulo is continuously striving for high quality, robustness and durability while attaining the lowest total cost of ownership. Because of the modularity and the long lifetime of the blocks, innovative financing options are possible.


Meet our contacts

Below you can see the faces behind our Modulo Beton UK solutions. Feel free to ask us everything you want to know about our Modulo Beton solutions . We are looking forward to providing you with the information you need. 

Henk Kaskens


I have more than 25 years of experience in the waste sector, mainly in the recycling industry. For a governemental organisation I managed a network of 18 HWRC’s.
I was born and raised in the Netherlands but I worked in many countries a.o. Canada and the UK. Until 2015 I was an Excom member of a plc in the UK but decided to become owner and.director of the Modulo Beton activities in the UK. In this role I can optimally use my experience, knowledge and ambition to roll out the Modulo Beton Technology through the UK. Want to know more? Feel free to contact me.

Sylvia van den Dam

Sales Manager

It is my mission to contribute to a circular economy. Recycling is a key factor in the transition towards a circular economy and I therefore try to realize as many Modulo HWRC’s as possible. A  Modulo HWRC is a sustainable solution that helps raising recycling rates significantly by creating a modular HWRC that is efficient, convenient and safe.

By rethinking what we throw away and stimulating cleaner waste streams, we have the power to change the world.
We need that change now.

So let’s start today and contact me.

Willem-Karel Hackenitz

Head Design

The simplicity of the modular system of Modulo intrigued me as from day one. With a professional background in marketing, supply chain and knowledge of 3d design and software I was completely triggered by MODULO.  Modulo is for me an opportunity to accomplish, based on the wishes of an organisation, a professional digital design in full 3 dimension for specialists and official directors to support them in making the right decisions for the community and the environment. All this in a very short time and against very low cost.

Contact us for more information!

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