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  Call: + 44 (0) 1245 70 7456 

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Henk Kaskens


I have more than 25 years of experience in the waste sector, mainly in the recycling industry. For a governemental organisation I managed a network of 18 HWRC’s. Want to know more?
Feel free to contact me.

Sylvia van den Dam

Sales Manager

It is my mission to contribute to a circular economy. Recycling is a key factor in the transition towards a circular economy and I therefore try to realize as many Modulo HWRC’s as possible. So let’s start today and contact me.

Willem-Karel Hackenitz

Head Design

The simplicity of the modular system of Modulo intrigued me as from day one. With a professional background in marketing, supply chain and knowledge of 3d design and software I was completely triggered by MODULO. 


How long does installation of a Modulo site take?

Construction is easy and quick: it takes only 1-2 weeks to install!

Can blocks be produced in different dimensions and forms?

Yes, blocks can be produced in square, triangle and rectangle.

Is a subsurface foundation needed?

No! It’s not. A tarmac layer is sufficient. 

Can a Modulo site deal with settlements?

Yes. There are possibilities for building on e.g. closed landfills. The blocks are connected by bolts and plates and can follow settlements to some extent. For very weak soil we can offer the customer the Terrastab technology, a very economic way to increase soil stability that prevents the necessity of piling.

Is a Modulo platform expandable for future needs?

Yes, a Modulo platform is expandable for future needs by placing additional blocks.

Can a Modulo site be relocated?

Yes! A Modulo site can be relocated.

Can a Modulo site be used for multiple purposes?

Yes. Additional space is created inside the platform for multipurpose use (patent pending).

Is the Modulo system patented?

Yes, the Modulo system is patented.

Is the usage of a split-level Modulo platform safe for staff and residents?

Yes, this is safe. Safety is enhanced by separation of residential and heavy traffic.

Are Modulo Platforms approved?

The blocks, guard railings, doors etc. meet all British and EU standards and regulations, each Modulo platform is approved and signed off by GHD Livigunn.

What if the budget is overrun?

There is no risk of budget overrun! We make use of a clear and fixed price.

What is the strength of Modulo blocks?

The compressive strength class of the concrete is C45/55; exposure class XC4, XD3, XF4. This means a superior quality of concrete, only attainable with prefab concrete.

What are the advantages of using prefab units?

Prefab units allow a higher quality concrete combined with lower carbon emissions compared to cast in place constructions. There is a possibility of reusing/relocation of the blocks.

What is the lifetime of a Modulo Site?

The design lifetime is 50 years. Modulo is continuously striving for high quality robustness and durability while attaining the lowest yearly costs over the lifetimes. Because of this long lifetime, innovative financing is possible.

What is the Guarantee of Modulo Blocks?

The Guarantee of Modulo Blocks is 10 years and with maintenance contract 20 years, guarantee guard railings 3 years.

Can a Modulo site deal with extreme (weather) circumstances?

The Modulo platform is resistant against de-icing salts and salty air coming from the sea. Furthermore. the platform is fire resistant for almost 2 hours.


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