Recent Modulo projects

Examples of Modulo UK projects


17 Skips

Bristol Waste Company decided to build a split-level HWRC. The challenge was to realize a highly convenient and efficient HWRC for around 250.000 inhabitants with the possibility to place a large number of containers/skips (17) on a relatively small terrain.


20 Skips

The City and Council of Cardiff wanted a new split-level HWRC for the location Lamby Way. You can read everything about the challenges and how we dealt with them on the project page.


10 Skips

Southwark wanted to construct a split-level platform inside a building, in order to minimize the impact of noise and odour. We took on the challenge with great success. 


5 Skips

Construction of a Modulo HWRC with a  re-use shop underneath the platform. Read more about this project on the Rhondda page.

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