Modulo case London

Odour and noise is reduced because the platform is inside;

Only two percent of Southwark’s waste goes to landfill;

The Challenge

Southwark is an inner London Borough that outsources their CA-site to Veolia. As part of their Integrated Waste Management Facility, Veolia wanted to construct a split-level platform inside a building, in order to minimize the impact of noise and odour.  

Modulo Beton - Southwark Project - Inside the building - HWRC

The Solution

Constructing a platform inside a building requires a skillful and well-structured procedure, which can most optimally be realized using modular construction solutions. And so we did: Southwark had the scoop of the first Modulo platform inside a building! Today, Southwark Council still has the best recycling rates in Inner London.

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Modulo Beton - Southwark Project - Inside the building - HWRC


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