HWRCs stimulate circularity and innovation

Modulo Beton NL for HWRC based on design, build and maintenance

  • Date: June 10, 2022
    News Type: Article about alternative ways of tendering for HWRCs

Modulo Beton NL has won a tender for designing, constructing, and maintaining a futureproof HWRC.
Sustainability and circularity were important requirements, which is why the municipality of Noordenveld, The Netherlands, was looking for a new way of tendering that would encourage innovation instead of excluding innovation by prescribing every detail in advance.

HWRCS stimulates circularity and innovation

The idea was to be open-minded to all new developments and possibilities that were available in the market and invite parties to use their creativity and experience by proposing alternatives.

The municipality had chosen to use a tender procedure based on the concept of “design, build, maintain’. Parties had to make a design that would meet all circularity requirements within a certain budget. The total costs would include preliminary and final design, construction, and 15 years of maintenance.

The result was a sustainable, compact, flexible, and adaptable split-level Modulo platform + building. The use of the Modulo U-shape concrete elements that can be flexibly repositioned and even moved to another location if needed created a huge advantage over other systems.

Modulo Beton has been awarded the contract end of 2021, the new HRWC will be built in 2023.