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Modulo case Cardiff

The Challenge

The City and Council of Cardiff wanted a new split-level HWRC for the location Lamby Way. The site needed expansion, however, the only available space was the former landfill. An additional problem was that it was not allowed to dig in the landfill, making it impossible to install foundations. Furthermore, Cardiff wanted a canopy to protect residents from rainfall. This was a real technical challenge!

The Solution

A Modulo HWRC consists of modular elements that can deal with settlements of a landfill. A Modulo platform does not need subsurface foundations; a tarmac pavement is enough. By installing a Modulo HWRC the site acquired 3 functions: landfill, civic amenity site and storage of wheelie bins. We even found a solution to install a canopy that was only supported by the Modulo blocks!



The new £1.2m recycling centre: biggest centre in the capital city

Space to allow 8 times as many cars to use the site at any one time than were able to before

Increase in Cardiff’s recycling rate: apprioximately 8,000 tonnes of waste per year


Chelmsford, Essex
4th floor, Victoria House
CM1 1JR, Victoria Road 101-105