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Modulo project Bristol

The Challenge

Bristol Waste Company operates a HWRC at Avonmouth, Bristol. The site used to be a small level site which limited the number of fractions to be separated.  When skips needed to be changed the site had to be closed  which resulted in long waiting lines. Because of safety reasons (easy drop off of waste by residents and separation of heavy traffic and residents) Bristol Waste Company decided to build a split-level HWRC.

The challenge was to realize a highly convenient and efficient HWRC for around 250.000 inhabitants with the possibility to place a large number of containers/skips (17) on a relatively small terrain that also guaranteed easy and safe handling of the containers. Other requirements were the construction of a strong bay for garden waste and wood at the platform to avoid double handling and the realization of a re-use shop.

The Solution

The Modulo team created a platform with skips mostly located at one side of the platform to keep heavy traffic separated from the residents to allow easy and safe handling. The platform was equipped with an extension at the other side for the positioning of extra skips.

Modulo designed special triangle ramp blocks to be able to use single ramps instead of double ramps to save space and reduce costs.

A strong double bay of concrete blocks with chamfered top blocks at the platform. Modulo installed 12 rooflights with anti-skip surface in the Modulo blocks for daylight access in the area of the re-use shop.



A platform for 17 skips plus a double bay for garden waste and wood.


A highly efficient and logistical optimal HWRC.

More space and reduced costs because of the smaller ramps with triangle blocks

A re-use shop underneath the platform with rooflights for daylight access.

A strong double bay with chamfered top blocks for convenience of material handling by residents/visitors.


Chelmsford, Essex
4th floor, Victoria House
CM1 1JR, Victoria Road 101-105